Monday, February 25, 2013

First full day in Sydney

Our first full day in Sydney was incredible. Started out by waking up early and walking down to the beach to watch the sunrise. I pretty much had the park to myself except for a few joggers, and found it very serene. Came back to the hostel and played around until Courtney finally woke up.

We bought an unlimited bus, train, and ferry ticket for the week, and headed downtown.  We immediately got our tourist bugs out of our system by seeing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and of course, the Sydney Opera House.

Courtney even touched the tiles on the Opera House. She's such a rebel. From there we took a leisurely walk through the botanical gardens on our way to the travel clinic to get our first round of rabies shots. Gotta protect ourselves from those monkeys in Bali.

After a tasty sushi roll snack and a stroll through the Queen Victoria Building, we headed back to Bondi Beach so I could go to my first Muay Thai class. The gym is just a few blocks from our hostel, and they had an introductory week for only $20. It might have been the most intense workout I've had since wrestling in high school, but I had so much fun. Learned the proper form for punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, and actually got pretty good at stringing them together in combinations. I could barely walk afterwards, so Courtney and I stopped at the pizza place next door for a delicious BBQ meat lovers pizza and garlic bread. I'm starting to get feeling back in my legs, so I'll probably go back Wednesday for another class.


  1. I'll give it to you guys. You really know how to have unconventional adventures. I hope the Muay Thai class isn't anything you need later!!
    Love, Dad

  2. Sushi rolls!!!! Why dont they have those in Montreal... :'(