Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bags Are Packed and Ready to Go

Our flight leaves Atlanta in less than nine hours, and we are busy wrapping up our lives here at home. I imagined I would spend these days in Atlanta missing my coworkers and catching up on the things I didn't have time to do in Raleigh. Instead, we packed every day full of family and friends, and we found ourselves staying up late at night, once again, to get everything finished. More than worth it, though!

As usual, most of the memories we made this week revolved around food. We had a group of friends over for dinner on Sunday, where this happened:

Our friends Kristin and David never made it to the party because they ended up in a car accident on their way to visit us. Fortunately, they were both fine, so we were able to meet them for dinner the next night!

Tuesday was "Mary Lynn Day," where we spent the day in Newnan having a delicious lunch and then bowling with TJ's mom, Mary Lynn, and her husband, Homero. TJ beat the socks off all of us, but the real competition was whether ML or I would end up in last place. I think we took turns.

Later in the day, we met Sharma at Atlanta Rocks, where TJ went rock climbing and I played photographer. 

We ended the night at Willy's, the Atlanta restaurant I miss the most!

Beyond that, we have been running around getting documents notarized, working on our taxes, and getting in playtime with our pup, Kaylee, while we still can. Once we step onto the plane tomorrow morning, I will be forced to sit still until we arrive in Singapore on Saturday, so I have to get all my productivity out now! That time is almost here, though, so our send off tonight was a fitting dinner at Outback with my parents. Soon, we will be having actual Australian food!

And with that, I leave you with this last image of America:

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