Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Waiting Game

The  month of February is quickly approaching, and we are seriously lacking in some of our trip preparations. Plane tickets, for example, are yet to be purchased. I've been scouring different airline search engines daily for the last month, waiting for prices to drop, and they've hardly changed at all. I suppose it's a good thing that they haven't gone up, but I keep holding out, thinking the next day they're sure to drop at least a few dollars. So far, the biggest change I've seen has been about $15 one way or the other. The bad news is that the tickets are still just barely out of our price range, so we're having to get creative with routing options. I'm learning so much about how plane tickets work!

Also, passports. I've been dragging my feet on submitting a passport application because we have to submit an official copy of our marriage license in order to change my name. I haven't wanted to let go of our only copy, and I haven't been organized enough to order additional ones, so the process stalled. Today, though, TJ will be mailing both my passport application and the request for additional marriage licenses. Passports are being processed within four to six weeks, so as long as the Christmas mail rush doesn't delay things too badly, we should be ready in plenty of time.

While we wait for plane ticket prices to come down and passport applications to be processed, I'll share a link to one of my favorite websites. A Practical Wedding was kind enough to run an article I submitted about this trip and part of our motivation behind it. You can find the article here.

It's hard to keep updating when nothing too exciting is happening on the planning front. We've been learning more about our destinations, saving every penny we can, and doing a little shopping for clothing and gear to take with us, but none of that seems blog worthy. Soon, though, we will have plane tickets and valid passports. After that, the waiting will be much more fun!