Sunday, February 17, 2013

And So It Begins

This great big adventure of ours has begun, and so far, I would call it a success. We only turned around twice for things we forgot (or, well, thought we forgot), and once we got past the point of no return, we remembered only small, easily replaceable things. Hopefully we keep it that way and don't discover we left our passports sitting on the dresser at home.

We spent the first night in Athens, Georgia at the home of a family friend of ours. Kevin and Patrice bought a beautiful old house there and promptly tore it apart to renovate/restore it. They are adventurous enough to actually live in the house while they do it, so we decided to join them for a night. Patrice was sadly out of town, but Kevin, Kevin's niece Madeline, and my sister McKenna were waiting for us when we pulled up a little before midnight.
Courtney and Kevin

We were welcomed with an impressive house tour, an impromptu piano performance, and a bed that might end up being the most comfortable place to sleep we'll have on our entire trip. After too few hours of rest, Kevin, TJ, and I wandered to a cafe down the street with the dogs in tow, where we bundled up for an outdoor feast of breakfast sandwiches and clever donuts.
TJ with donuts: Elvis and Strawberry/Banana/Nutella

From Athens, we had a ninety minute drive to my parents' house in Kennesaw, Georgia, which is our base for the few days we are in Atlanta. We cleaned up, dressed up, and hopped back in the car to head north - to TJ's sister's wedding at Red Top Mountain.
Katie, the bride, with mom (Mary Lynn) and step-dad (Homero)

The wedding was lovely, and the building it was in was perfect for such a chilly day. Katie and Matt were married in front of a big fireplace that kept us all cozy. It was the perfect reminder to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things, even in the midst of stress. As exciting as this trip is, preparing for the unknown is always stressful. Taking a few hours to celebrate a joyous occasion with family makes it all worth it.

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